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How to Prevent Kitchen Plumbing Repair

Friday, October 31st, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Waiting for a repair technician to fix your kitchen plumbing can be an unpleasant situation. Your plumber may try to show up as quickly as possible, but your dinner plans are already ruined, as you cannot properly drain wastewater, or because your kitchen sink does not provide adequate water pressure.

There are a few things you can do to keep things running smoothly in your kitchen. If you do find yourself in need of kitchen plumbing repairs in Olympia, call on the expertise of the skilled plumbers at Brooks Plumbing right away.

  • Dispose of F.O.G. in a separate trash receptacle. Fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) can cause a lot of problems for your plumbing even though they may appear to be harmless. When grease cools down it solidifies, and it may become stuck to the insides of your pipes. As you add additional F.O.G. and food of the garbage disposal, they can become caught along with the sludge, until a major drain clog forms.
  • Don’t use chemical drain cleaners in case of a clog. Any plumber will tell you that chemical drain cleaners are dangerous and can have disastrous effects for the skin and eyes. Also, these liquid cleaners are simply incapable of dissolving every type of blockage that may affect your drain pipes. If a plunger does not dislodge a kitchen plumbing clog, you need professionals with drain augers and other tools to clear away blockage for good.
  • Do not throw non-food items, hard food items, or fibrous foods in the garbage disposal. Plastic, paper, glass, metal, and hard-food items such as meat bones do not belong in your garbage disposal. Your unit simply cannot process these types of items and may break down in the process, so that you’ll need to replace your entire unit to avoid clogs. Additionally, fibrous foods like corn husks and celery can wrap around the blades, impairing your unit.
  • Schedule plumbing maintenance every year. Finally, be sure to schedule plumbing maintenance every year for a thorough inspection of your pipes and fixtures. Plumbers will look for any leaks that could reduce the water pressure of your kitchen sink and will clean and adjust components of your plumbing as needed.

If you need a plumber in Olympia, call the friendly technicians at Brooks Plumbing today!

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