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How to Choose the Right Plumbing Repair Service

Monday, April 4th, 2022 at 11:00 am

contractor-at-homeowners-front-door-giving-them-business-cardHaving been in this industry for quite a while now, we have seen what can occur when you have the wrong contractor for the job, whatever that job may be. In the case of plumbing, while some jobs may be relatively simple to complete, others can be much more complex, and really need a plumber’s expertise. But how do you find the right plumber–you know, one who has the proper licensing, insurance, and experience for the job?

It is important that you hire an actual professional and not just a general handyman. Sure, you may be saving some money upfront with the latter, but if they don’t do the job well, then you might be paying for more repairs later on! Read on as we uncover how to choose the right plumbing repair service, and why this is important.

Choose a Plumber with Proper Licensing

When you choose a plumbing repair contractor, you want one whose plumbers are properly licensed for the state and municipality you’re in. Truth be told, only properly licensed plumbers should even be advertising their work with the trade, but it’s easy for homeowners to believe that a general handyperson can be just as qualified.

The process to obtain a plumbers license, however, does require hours of experience, ongoing training, and examination. A plumbing contractor with the right license is truly cut out for the job.

Choose a Plumber with Insurance

Licensed plumbers also need to be insured to work in homes in your area. Generally, licensure for plumbing professionals requires a minimum of general liability insurance for contractors working on plumbing.

This protects them, of course, but it also protects you as a homeowner, in case any damage occurs on your property while they’re performing repairs. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to ask your plumber for proof of insurance before their work begins.

Choose a Plumber with Adequate Training

Professional plumbers go through years of training to do any residential repair job the right way. Under the watchful eye of their qualified employer or team, they learn the ropes, including how to diagnose and repair any plumbing problems that can crop up.

“What If I Really Still Want to Hire a General Handyman to Save Money?”

Choosing a handyman to do a licensed and insured plumbers’ work could leave you with a headache. We get it! It probably seems like the price is right. But this is one of those cases where the adage, “you get what you pay for” rings true. In addition to the cost of materials and equipment, you avoid the mistakes a handyman could potentially make, including:

  • Using the wrong tool to clear a drain or fix a leak, thereby causing even more damage to the pipes.
  • Lacking the right inspection equipment.
  • Improperly completing a plumbing installation, leading to subsequent leaks.
  • Failing to follow local building codes.
  • Doing a poor job that leaves you calling a professional plumber anyway. 

It’s not worth the risk! It’s always a good idea to take your time to find the right professionally trained plumber for your plumbing repair job.

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