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How Homeowners Know Their Plumbing Needs Replacement

Monday, July 4th, 2016 at 11:00 am

Naturally, when a plumbing problem occurs in your home, you want the issue to be resolved as quickly and inexpensively as possible. However, if you don’t invest in professional products and services, you may find yourself with pipes and fixtures that don’t hold up as long as they should, and therefore more problems than you started out with in the beginning.

There are times when instead of a quick repair, the more economical choice may be to replace your pipes, faucets, water heater, toilet, or other plumbing fixtures. Keep reading to learn some of the top signs that homeowners need to consider plumbing replacement.

Your House Has Older, Galvanized Steel Pipes

This type of piping was a material that was used for plumbing installation very frequently before the 1960s. However, that’s no longer the case, and for good reason. The galvanized layer of the piping eventually wears away and can quickly corrode. If you have an older home and don’t know when or if the galvanized steel has been replaced, you might be due for a leak any day now.

You Experience Frequent Leaks

In the best case scenario, a plumbing leak will be easy for a professional to repair. Even a leaky valve on a water heater or the back of a toilet could just use a quick replacement.

Sometimes, a professional plumber might have to replace a small part of your piping, replace a seal, or tighten some bolts, none of which take much effort. However if you find yourself with multiple leaks time and time again, then the chances are that your plumbing system has started to corrode. If this is the case, it just makes good sense to replace the pipes.

Typically, you’re going to spend more money over time repairing leaky pipes than you are on replacing them all at one time. The same holds true if you have a leaky faucet.

You Have Impractical Plumbing Components

One last reason that you should replace parts of your plumbing system is if you have outdated fixtures that either aren’t aesthetically pleasing, or don’t serve their function as well as they used to. They might be worn out, discolored, or they may waste water due to inefficiency. Or, you might just need a bigger sink for a larger family or a taller faucet for increased dish washing.

No matter your need, when you find that you need a plumbing installation or replacement in your Tumwater, WA home, turn to the company that takes pride in customer loyalty: Brooks Plumbing Co. Call us today!

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