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Do You Need Sewer Line Repair?

Monday, July 25th, 2016 at 11:00 am

Nobody particularly likes to think about their sewer line. But since all the drains in your home eventually connect to this plumbing component, it serves a far greater purpose than it gets credit for. This drain gets a fair share of use each and every day, since it handles every drop of your wastewater.

However, your sewer line is most likely buried under your property and under your yard, making it very difficult for you to tell when you have problems with this part of your plumbing system. We’ve shared some signs below that indicate it’s time for you to call for sewer line repair.

  • Soggy or Raised Patches in Your Yard: Has it rained lately? Do you have a broken sprinkler head? If the answer to both of these questions is “no,” yet you see soggy, wet spots in your yard, then you likely have a sewer line leak on your hands.
  • Unusually Lush Patches of Grass: If there is a lot of water in particular ears of your yard then plant life will typically begin to flourish. If you see patches of grass or plants that are growing more quickly or vibrantly than normal, they may have found access to a sewer line leak.
  • Foul Odor: The water traveling through your sewer line is—naturally—not pleasant smelling. So if you notice sewer like odors around your property, the source could very well be your own sewer line.
  • Clogged Drains: Each of your drains connect to your main sewer line. This means that if there is a block in your sewer line, it will eventually clog up other parts of your plumbing system within your home.
  • Unruly Tree Roots: If you notice any of the above signs and have also noticed your tree roots have begun to affect the ground under which they lay, then they may have infiltrated your sewer line.

To schedule sewer line repair services in Lacey, WA, contact Brooks Plumbing Co. today.

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