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Consider Low-Flow Toilet and Faucet Installation for Your Bathroom

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 at 5:35 pm

When it comes time to update the fixtures in your bathroom for a remodel or only as smaller project, one of the top items on your list of “must-haves” should be low-flow faucets, shower heads, and/or toilets. You can create a gleaming, more attractive look for your bathroom and at the same time contribute to water-conservation that will reduce your water costs significantly. The planet will thank you as well!

Installing new bathroom plumbing in Olympia, WA is one of our specialties here at Brooks Plumbing. Especially when it comes to low-flow toilet installation, you need to leave the work to professionals who will make certain that your new fixtures provide the savings you want and do their job effectively.

Low-flow faucets

You’re probably curious about how much a low-flow faucet actually will save you, and if it will still provide the level of performance you need. According to U.S. EPA tests on WaterSense labeled faucets, they lower the water flow by 30% or more, dropping from 2.2 gallons per minute to 1.5 gallons per minute—and without impairing performance. With this reduction, an average family would save 700 gallons of water each year, which is the equivalent to 40 showers. Look at your current water bill and multiple the cost per gallon by 700… that will give you an idea of the savings potential. Low-flow fixtures will also save you energy, since they place less power demand on your water heater.

Low-flow toilets

Toilets are the principle source of indoor water use, accounting for a third of the water consumed in an average household. If you have an older toilet, it’s probably draining 6 gallons per flush, which is an immense waste compared to the efficiency of a low-flow model.

EPA-approved low-flow toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush, a huge improvement over old models and still 20% better than the current regular flow toilets that use 1.6 gallons per flush. Depending on the age of the toiler you’re replacing, a new low-flow model can save you 20–60% a year—almost 13,000 gallons. And, like the low-flow faucets, there’s no sacrifice in performance.

Although low-flow fixtures for your bathroom do cost more than standard models, keep in mind not only the savings but also the lifespan; these new installations should last you for many years and pay for themselves many times over.

Regardless of the reason that you decide to install new water fixtures in your bathroom plumbing in Olympia, WA, low-flow models are a terrific way to reduce your yearly bills and contribute to country-wide water conservation.

Call Brooks Plumbing today and talk to our experts in bathroom plumbing to find out more about how we can make your bathroom more beautiful and budget-friendly.

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