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Common Repairs with Tankless Water Heaters

Monday, October 19th, 2015 at 11:00 am

Tankless water heaters make an attractive alternative to traditional tank models in a number of ways. They heat the water instantly, for example – using heated coils to warm it as it passes through the pipes – and they often cost less in monthly bills than tank models. But no system is perfect and like most other appliances in your home, it runs into problems from time to time. Here in Olympia, WA you can find a reliable plumbing company to correct those problems, but it’s helpful if you first understand some of the most common ones.

Too Much Demand

Unlike tank models, tankless water heaters can only support so much activity before they overload. If you’re using multiple faucets at once or have hooked the water heater up to too many outlets, you may find the system overheating to the point of a breakdown. A good technician can repair the problem, but you should look at the balance of your system and consider installing more tankless models to deal with the issue permanently.

Mineral Build-Up

Olympia, WA has its share of hard water, and as it moves through the system, it can leave deposits behind. Over time, they could build up and create a clog in the pipes, or even damage the components of the water heater itself. You can help curtail this process with water filters and water softeners, as well as regular maintenance on your system.

Hot Water Fluctuations

A number of problems can result in less-than-hot water coming out of your tap. That includes electrical problems, problems in the venting pipe, issues with the gas line (if your system is gas fed), or problems with the flow sensor. A good technician can pin-point the cause of the trouble and get it fixed quickly.

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