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Check for These Plumbing Troubles in Your Home

Monday, October 17th, 2016 at 11:00 am

Plumbing problems are never convenient, nor do they ever happen during a convenient time. Plumbing leaks are also very hard for the average homeowner to detect, as plumbing systems are—for the most part—hidden behind walls. Sometimes you won’t even know you have a plumbing problem until it’s too late and the majority of damage has already occurred.

Plumbing leaks are actually one of the most common plumbing problems we get service calls for, and they can cause a number of different problems from water damage to burst pipes. However, if you know what to look for then you’ll know when it’s time to call in our professional plumbers. Keep reading to learn more about what type of problems you should watch out for in your home.

Running Water Meter

One of the fastest ways to determine that you have a leak somewhere within your plumbing system is to turn off all the plumbing appliances in your home and then check your water meter. If is still running, then there is water still leaving the system somewhere—signaling a leak.

Increased Water Bills

Water bills fluctuate from month to month no matter what. However, if you have a plumbing leak, you’ll notice the bills rising steadily. If your water bills seem to be progressively rising even though you’ve had no increased water usage, then it’s time to call in a plumber for a professional inspection.

Decreased Water Pressure

Is your water pressure declining? This may be the sign of a leak or blockage somewhere in your plumbing system. Whatever the cause, it’s vital that you call for repairs right away to confirm the problem and repair it as necessary. If you’ve had a sudden loss of water pressure, then a pipe may have ruptured—necessitating the call to a professional plumber even quicker.

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