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3 Ways to Stop Frozen Pipes

Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 11:00 am

We get our share of cold weather here in Olympia, WA every winter, and one of the biggest problems that can cause is frozen pipes. Water expands when it freezes, and if that water is in your plumbing system, it can create tremendous pressure on the pipes. Burst pipes can be a catastrophe if they aren’t dealt with quickly, and even if you react to them immediately, they will still incur a great deal of hassle and expense getting them fixed. It’s better to simply prevent the problem in the first place, and with temperatures still relatively warm, now is the time to do it. Here are 3 ways to stop frozen pipes in their tracks.

1.     Don’t Turn off the Heat

We’re accustomed to lowering the heat or even turning it off when we go out of town for a while, such as on Christmas vacation. This can be a mistake. Instead, make sure the heat in your home stays on warm enough to keep the water in your pipes from freezing. The added cost is worth it if it can prevent a plumbing catastrophe.

2.     Drain the Water in your Pipes

Frozen water can’t harm your plumbing if it isn’t in the pipes to begin with. If you go on vacation – or even if you’re comfortable with this notion before you go to bed every night – then shut off your main water valve in your house and turn on all the faucets and fixtures to drain the water out of them. It can make a huge difference.

3.     Insulate Your Pipes

The best way to prevent frozen pipes is to have a qualified plumber properly insulate them to ensure they’re protected against the cold. If you can’t afford to install them for your entire house, then have the plumber identify trouble spots such as plumbing located near outside walls and have those areas insulated.

For more details on how to stop frozen pipes before they start, call the pros at Brooks Plumbing today!

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