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3 Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues

Friday, January 9th, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Ah, your bathroom. It can be an oasis from a long day (think long baths) or a trip to Hades if you’ve got plumbing problems. The good thing is that many bathroom plumbing repairs can be resolved rather quickly, and even if they can’t, you’ve got the experts on hand who can help you day or night: Brooks Plumbing.

Problem 1: Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are very common in bathrooms because they see a lot of use and also have to deal with two tough challenges every day: soap scum and human hair. Soap has fat in it, and when the excess soap lather heads down the drain, the soap scum clings to the piping and can harden. Combine this with hair, and you’ve got a nice clog on your hands.

Problem 2: Toilet Problems

No one really wants to think about their toilet in any kind of detail, but it is a very used item in your home and can develop problems. One of the most common problems with toilets is running. With a running toilet, the water is constantly in flow; you’ll likely hear a noise coming from the tank. The main reason toilets run is because the flush valve isn’t closing all the ways, so water from the tank keep running into the toilet’s bowl. Other common toilet problems can be clogs and slow tank fill.

Problem 3: Slow Draining Sink

Slow draining sinks are usually the harbinger of clogs to come, so if you are experiencing a slow draining sink, try to resolve the issue before it becomes a full-on clog. Slow draining sinks can be caused by objects lodged in the piping, soap scum, hair, etc. You can try to clean build-up yourself with some white vinegar and baking soda, but if this doesn’t work, call a professional.

Don’t let your plumbing problems stop you from using your bathroom. If you are experiencing plumbing problems in your bathroom, call Brooks Plumbing to schedule bathroom plumbing service in Olympia today!

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