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Plumbing in Tumwater, WA

Your plumbing system is responsible in large part for your cleanliness, your hydration, and your health. When you need repairs for this system, perhaps the most important in your home, you deserve to have plumbers who truly care about ensuring that your pipes and fixtures are in the best condition possible. We train our plumbers on the latest products and update them on the best repair and installation methods and standards. Many of our clients use us as their go-to source for plumbing installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance due to our high level of expertise and the excellent customer service we provide. Call Brooks Plumbing Co., the trusted plumber in Tumwater, WA, for your next big (or small) plumbing job. We even provide 24 hour plumbing services in case of emergencies!

Kitchen Plumbing and Remodeling in Tumwater, WA

The kitchen plumbing system consists of a lot of components; more than you might realize. There are more components than just the kitchen sink, drains, and garbage disposal that require a functional plumbing system. The refrigerator may have an ice machine that’s hooked up to the water supply. You may also have a dishwasher, water treatment system, and/or a tankless heater that require service from time to time. Brooks Plumbing Co. can help you with all of these kitchen plumbing components, providing pipe repair and help with leaks and clogs, and even kitchen remodeling services for homes in Tumwater, WA.

Bathroom Plumbing and Remodeling in TUMWATER, WA

Think of all the times you go to the bathroom and use the faucets and drains in the course of a day. You make trips throughout the day, and you and your family members shower, groom, and clean up daily as well. Your plumbing system should be able to take on a large volume of water, and our experts can make sure that your bathroom plumbing is prepared. We service and install sinks, drainpipes, faucets, tubs, toilets, and showers, and we also provide bathroom remodeling service in Tumwater, WA.

Whole-House Repiping

When your pipes leak, you might hope that a repair will suffice and that you won’t need to replace all of your plumbing pipes. However, if your pipes are corroding, replacing the pipes is in your best interest. Whole-house repiping is necessary at this point because corroding pipes will only continue to corrode until you have leaks throughout the plumbing system. Call Brooks Plumbing Co. for your repiping project in Tumwater, WA, however, and we’ll make the process a lot easier on you.

Maintaining Water Heaters

If you want to make your water heater last for a long time to come, it’s important that you pay attention to the care and maintenance of the system. One way to use less energy and to potentially extend the life of your water heater is to lower the temperature from the factory settings to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Another important annual task is a maintenance visit from a water heater specialist. A specialist can assess your system, check the anode rod, and flush the tank, all of which could help extend its lifespan.

The Debate between Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re in the market for a new high-efficiency water heater, you could go with a tankless unit, which uses energy only on demand and which is much smaller in size than a conventional unit. However, many people are quite satisfied with a tank unit, which costs less upfront and may not add more to your bills than you can afford. Let our technicians help you decide which is right for you.

We Provide Complete Drain and Sewer Services

Is there a smell coming from your drains or even from the yard above your sewer pipes? Do you notice that some parts of your lawn seem to be growing in rather quickly, and that patches may be greener than ever before? Are you frustrated by drain clogs that just won’t seem to quit? Then you need the help of a drain and sewer specialist. Brooks Plumbing Co. repairs and replaces drain and sewer pipes that are leaky and corroded, and we provide expert drain cleaning service in Tumwater as well.

Can I Use Drain Cleaning Chemicals for This Clog?

We recommend that you don’t use drain cleaning chemicals for any clog, really. Those store-bought chemicals are harmful to your pipes. They are highly toxic and they could lead to major injury. Besides, they are not so great at removing many types of clogs and may only push blockage further down the drainpipe. We’ve got tools that safely remove blockage, so call us instead.

Call Us for a Video Pipe Inspection before Cleaning

It can be unwise for a plumber to begin to unclog a drainpipe or sewer line without first taking a look inside of the pipes. Depending on the size of the clog and the type of clog, the plumber may have to trade out their tools, but they won’t know this without peering into the pipes first. Our video pipe inspection allows plumbers this ability, so you can be sure they have the right tools for the job.

Commercial Plumbing In Tumwater, wa

We’re not afraid of larger plumbing systems and all of the pipes and fixtures that make up a commercial system. In fact, many of our plumbers are commercial specialists. We can help with your commercial plumbing needs, from installing the pipes, to unclogging a drain, to fixing the toilets and garbage disposals. Don’t let this job go to a residential plumber with little experience on larger system. Call Brooks Plumbing Co., a trusted name for commercial plumbing services in Tumwater, WA.

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